Do you know who Sonilli-Isfall-Galuit is?? Let me answer that for you. NO. If you think you know who she is, you just want me to think you're so smart for memorizing an andalite name. BUT I MADE HER UP. She is the andalite I created to represent me. You can look up my list of andalite names and mix and match to create your own andalite name. Gender doesn't matter among andalite namings. If I were an andalite, my name could be Aximilli, even though in the series there is a male andalite named Aximilli. Sonilli's parents are Iskillion-Noorlin-Terrouss(father) and Arrepoth-Fastil-Valad(mother). Her twin sister's name is Cooraf-Aximilli-Estalan. Her older sister's name is Caysath-Esth-Corill. I made andalite names for my entire family. Her grandmother is Semitur-Corain-Forlan. Her grandfather is Ashul-Hareli-Elmand. Her great grandmother is Maheen-Darrath-Estrid. Her deceased great grand father is Gahar-Aloth-Winwall. Her best friend is Litsom-Elfangor-Shamtul.(Litsom is dedicated to my best friend Zoe E.)