My andalite.

Corill is the daughter of Nimrev-Sonilli-Esth and Gahar-Darrath-Iscar. Her father is the captain of the dome ship Jake. She has 2 brothers, Elmand-Sonilli-Winwall and Litsom-Darrath-Forlay. Elmand is her twin brother, but he is 22 earth minutes younger then her. He is an Aristh in the andalite military. Litsom is older then her by 2 earth years. He is a prince in command of 5 Aristh's, one of whom is Elmand. Her shorm is Maheen-Lirem-Fastil. Her grandmother from her mother's side is Elivat-Sonilli-Halas. Her grandmother from her father's side is Estoni-Forlan-Valad. Her deceased grandfather's were Mertil-Isthill-Corass from her mother's side and Gonrod-Darrath-Corain from his father's side.