Morning Ritual: <From the water that gave birth to us (dip right forehoof in water). From the grass that feeds us (crush grass beneath right forehoof). For the freedom that unites us (spread arms out wide). We rise to the stars (look at rising sun with all four eyes). Freedom is my only cause. Duty to the people, my only guide. Obedience to my prince, my only glory. The destruction of my enemies, my most solemn vow. I, (name), Andalite warrior/cadet, offer my life (assume stance and raise tailblade to throat).>

Evening Ritual: <From the rising of the sun to the setting, to its rising again, we place what is hard to endure with what is sweet to remember and find peace.>

Forgiveness Ritual: <I have made right everything that can be made right, I have learned everything that can be learned, I have sworn not to repeat my error, and now I claim forgiveness.>

Death Ritual: <I am the servant of the people (bow head). I am the servant of my prince (raise stalk eyes upward). I am the servant of honor. My life is not my own, when the people have need of it. My life is given for the people, for my prince, and for my honor.>